Recommended mobile phones

Oticon regularly tests which mobile phones work with the ConnectClip. Find a selection of recommended mobile phones here.

Please note that this list only covers Bluetooth compatibility between ConnectClip and phone. This means that you can use the ConnectClip as wireless headset with your phone. If you wish to use the ON App with the ConnectClip – please visit App Store or Google Play for up-to-date information about App and Phone compatibility

This list of mobile phones have been tested comprehensively by Oticon, and have been found to fulfil the minimum requirements for compatibility at the time of testing. However, Oticon takes no responsibility for such compatibility in general. Specifically, Oticon shall not be responsible for incompatibility resulting from future updates of the mobile phones, nor from events of incompatibility not covered by and/or found in these tests. Oticon takes no financial responsibility in terms of reimbursements of mobile phones that do not work as expected.